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Welcome to our website! We are a unique and distinguished salt manufacturer & supplier. We offer diverse forms of Salt for varied applications. Our range is inclusive of de-icing salts, industrial salts, pharma salts, water treatment salt etc. We are the largest producer and refiner of salt. Rock Salt Today was founded to provide a reliable service to people in need of a large supply of rock salt, wherever they might be.Our company is proud to handle the diverse demands of the clients. We are committed to offer Salts in varied grades and specifications for various purposes. Our aim is to build our product and service and to become the premier provider of value added salt products. All our customers have confidence that all our products adhere to the highest standards for quality assurance.

With over a decade of experience in this industry, and ownership in a mine in Chile; Rock Salt Today has been one of the fastest growing salt suppliers worldwide. We began supplying high quality salts after seeing the need to providing a service of help to people in this particular industry. With innovation and quality as its driving principles, Rock Salt Today has been producing sustainable salt solutions globally.There are several factors which have helped in achieving the standard of customer service we offer. Our clients tell us stories all the time of how the weather was so bad and other trucking companies refused to bring them salt but we came and we delivered! Our dedication to quality of service remain staples in the hearts and homes of millions of people.

Because we are hardworking and have passion for helping others; we always pay attention to detail, and always try to find customers the best bang for their buck. We provide the highest quality service to all our clients as we love what we do and appreciate those who allow us to continue doing it through buying our product. Our professional staff is always looking for new ways to improve our business to continue delivering the best service possible. Most importantly, it’s our customers that make us who we are, so enough about us let’s go on to YOU. If you need salt we have got YOU covered.

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