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Bulk Road Salt Supplier. Wholesale Deicing Salt Available For Immediate Delivery!

Get your Bulk Rock Salt Supplier Quote Today! Medium Bagged Deicing Salt and Medium Screened Bagging Road Salt Also Available!

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We Are A National Salt Distributer!

Rock Salt Today is one of the nation’s leading salt and bulk rock salt suppliers. Commonly used for the safe removal of ice and snow from roads, highways, bridges, parking lots, and sidewalks, deicing salt is a winter necessity for road crews, government agencies, and businesses.

We provide the high-quality, bulk rock salt you need to keep your community moving freely and safely. With a variety of product and shipping options, we ensure our customers get the salt they need just when they need it, without concerns for shortages.

Take immediate delivery of your bulk road salt, or pre-purchase and have us store it for you! We can ship your bulk rock salt on an as-needed basis,  allowing you the flexibility to secure the salt you need for the winter months, without having the expense of on-site bulk storage.

Dependable Salt Provider

In addition to Bulk Road Salt and deicing salt, we carry a full line of bulk rock salt products, including:

  • Medium Screened Bagging Salt- Chilean & Domestic
  • Medium Bagged Salt- Chilean & Domestic
  • Industrial Salt
  • Pool Salt
  • & More

With shipping by barge, truck, or rail, we can get your salt to you in even the worst conditions.

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Immediate or Future Delivery by Barge, Rail, or Truck
Ideal for City Government and Road Crews!