De-Icing Salts

Pallets of Bulk Rock Salt / Bulk De-Icing SaltRock Salt Today offers highly efficient bulk road salt deicer all around the Unites States and Canada.

Rock salt has been a cost effective product for deicing and melting snow on parking lots, bridges, highways, ports and roadways. It is a reliable merchandise to prevent effects of winter where ice and snow build up cause slippery roads and barren highways. Rock Salt today provides bulk ship orders of road salt and deicing salt to government agencies, private businesses, municipalities and residential communities across the US, Canada and some parts of the United Kingdom.

Rock Salt today provides solutions! We offer the highest quality of snow salt to aid fast and easy deicing. All our rock salt products comply with the ASTM standards for winter maintenance and other deicing programs. With our stockpile locations and our partnership with vessels and logistics companies, we give clients results that are efficient, reliable and prompt.

Our company always strives for excellence. Rock Salt Today conducts business with high levels of integrity and reliability.  We put our customers first. We always strive to keep a healthy relationship with our clients. Our customer service is always open for inquiries and questions about our bulk road salt products and services.

By delivering cost efficient, superb quality and environmental friendly products, we commit to our company’s social responsibility—keeping roads safe through deicing without compromising its effects to environment. We also offer free storage for clients who do not have enough space to keep their road salt in preparation for winter. We can keep your orders up to February every year regardless of the date of purchase.

De-Icing Salt MineRock Salt Today offers the finest bulk road salt and ship orders for very reasonable and competitive rates. We have a wide network of suppliers and sellers and have access to different docks in different ports to reach more clients and to keep supplies last throughout the year.

We value time, and we understand the need for immediate deicing. So, we ship orders in the fastest time possible. Our company has a top notch trucking system that helps us speed up delivery time. We have different locations throughout the US as well so rest assured that we can process every delivery quickly than any other bulk road salt provider.

The process of our bulk ship orders is simple. Contact Rock Salt Today, request for a quote, place your order, and we will supply all the paperwork, process shipping and deliver your orders immediately.

For more information email us at [email protected]. For immediate quote and emergency, deliveries give us a ring at 978-335-6373.