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Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Pricing In Ohio!

Whether you are in Cleveland or Columbus, Dayton or Cincinnati. Ohio can rely on Rock Salt Today to supply all of Ohio’s bulk rock salt products near you. We are an emergency road salt supplier with the fast dependable turnaround and ASTM 1-grade deicing salt.

Rock Salt Today provides Ohio solutions! We offer the finest bulk road salt at very reasonable and competitive rates. We have a wide network of rock salt supplier locations in Ohio and have access to docks in numerous ports to clients and to keep supplies lasting throughout the year. All of our road salt is dry. An emergency supplier Ohioans can depend on.

We are just a simple phone call or email away. We will supply all of the necessary paperwork and deliveries to your location. You can rest easy knowing Rock Salt Today has Ohio covered.

Issues With Rock Salt Storage?

We can assist you! We will hold Bulk Salt Deliveries until February depending on salt availability, We are ready for immediate delivery on orders of all sizes..

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Order Today! We are ready for immediate delivery on orders of all sizes!