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Rock Salt Today Now Supplies NSF Certified Colored Salts!

What are the Benefits?

  • Colorants assist in the spread rate allowing even coverage thus saving on excessive use from salt spreading machines
  • You can allocate separate colors for your unique blends
  • Our colorants are animal and plant friendly
  • We can supply colored salt in bulk or bagged salt
  • In addition, Rock Salt Today can supply the colored road salt or custom blend to YOUR specifications
  • It’s EASY! Just use your mouse over the color palette and watch the salt colors change!
  • Finally, we supply the finest Chilean salt. Our salt is mined and dry plus we can sieve to YOUR specifications.
  • Nationally, we have the best salt available. ANYWHERE!
bagged salt

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Water Softener Salt

  • Low Insoluble Content.
  • Extends Plumbing and Appliance Life.
  • Reduces Film Buildup On Shower Doors.
  • Preserves The Environment By Saving Water Replacement For Several Years.
  • Up to 99.8% Pure Salt. No Additives.
  • Minimizes Accumulation Of Brine Tank Residue.
bagged water softener salt

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