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Why Choose Rock Salt Today?

Rock Salt Today is a pool salt supplier in Austin, TX. We offer high-quality salt products in the city of Austin, Texas. Our goal is simple. We want to be Austin’s top swimming pool and spa salt supplier. That’s it!

Saltwater Pool Salts – The Best Alternative To A Traditional Chlorinated Pool

Are you fed up with the harsh effects of your pool water? Do you in need of a sustainable solution that may sanitize your swimming pool and make it free from chloramines that promote odor? Use the best swimming pool salts available at Rock Salt Today.

The Saltwater pool is considered the best alternative for a traditional chlorinated pool system. The conventional system is becoming obsolete now due to the strong chlorine smell that usually comes from the surface of the pool where the swimmers take their breath.

What Is Swimming Pool Salt And What Does It Do?

The first type of salt is solar salt which is obtained by the evaporation of seawater due to solar energy or wind. The evaporation process increases the concentration of salts, making the crystals of solar salt. It is the cheapest salt but contains more impurities.

Get To Know About Mined Salt and Mechanically Evaporated Salt

Pool salt (also known as sodium chloride or NACl) which forms into hypochlorite is used to eliminate the particles that create hardness in water enabling sodium and chlorine to break down into a hypochlorous acid, which purifies your water, causing less irritation to your eyes and skin. You can purchase pool salts in a variety of packaging including crystals, pellets or tablets, and salt blocks.

Mined salt is the purest type of salt that you can use for your swimming pools. It is the salt that comes from mines, that is why also known as rock salt. Another salt you may use for your pools in Austin, Texas is mechanically evaporated salt which is also made from seawater but instead of evaporating the water through sun, it is evaporated mechanically which makes this salt more effective in killing bacteria. Whatever the type of salt you are going to use, keep in mind that the salt should be pure enough to be used with a salt-chlorine generator. The reason is the high purity of salt results in creating less damage or stains to the pool.

How Do I Get The Salt I Need When I Need It!

Get in touch with Rock Salt Today right now as we provide multiple salt delivery options in Austin, Texas. Now you can store the bulk amount of pool salts with you or if you want you can get the salt from us when you need it.

We offer multiple deliveries and quantity options. including truck, barge, or shipload! Rock Salt Today will assist in the complete handling of the ordering process, including delivery, storage, and paperwork. Get the salt product that your company needs right when you need it. Please see below for salt specifications and call us at 978-335-6373 or shoot us an email by using our form for convenience. Bottom line? The saltwater pool and spa industry is growing. Let us discuss your pool salt needs, get answers to any questions you may have, or to place an order. We look forward to hearing from you Austin, TX!

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