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Pool Salt Supplier Midland-Odessa Tx. Wholesale pricing – Fast delivery.We continue to offer the finest swimming pool salt and spa salt.

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What We Do Here At Rock Salt Today?

Rock Salt Today has been providing quality salt at affordable prices in the Texas market over a decade. Our vision is simple, To ensure quality and affordability to the Midland-Odessa swimming pool and spa salt market. We look forward to a long relationship with our new friends in the Midland-Odessa, Texas area!

Let Us Look At How Swimming Pool Salt Work?

Pool cells work through the process of electrolysis. Subsequently, as salt separates into sodium and chloride ions, chlorine reverts into hypochlorous acid or sodium hypochlorite.

This form of chlorine acts as a sanitizing agent and combats the bacteria and other micro-organisms. This keeps the pool water healthy and sanitized throughout the entire year. Because we use only the purest salts available for the swimming pool salt and spa industry. We can supply solar, mined, or evaporated salt!

Well How Does Pool Salt Actually Work?

Pool salt (also known as sodium chloride or NACl) which forms into hypochlorite is used to eliminate the particles that create hardness in water enabling sodium and chlorine to break down into a hypochlorous acid, which purifies your water, causing less irritation to your eyes and skin. You can purchase pool salts in a variety of packaging including crystals, pellets or tablets, and salt blocks.

How To Get Pool Salt In Midland-Odessa, TX?

If you wish to order our swimming pool and spa salt in bulk or bagged product, pick up the phone or email us. It’s that easy! Rock Salt Today provides immediate and on-demand salt delivery options as your pool salt supplier  Midland-Odessa. If you want a free consultation, you can get in touch with us via phone 978-335-6373. Or email.

For more information, you may check our swimming pool salt specifications:

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