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Get To Know A Little About Rock Salt Today!

Rock Salt Today is a swimming pool salt supplier servicing San Antonio, Texas, providing the best treatment for your swimming pools.

Established in 2009, Rock Salt Today is making inroads into the Texas swimming pool salt and spa salt market. That is why we provide the best spa salts in San Antonio, Texas, that are powerful enough to treat the saltwater swimming pools and sanitize it properly

Why Should I Choose Rock Salt Today?

At Rock Salt Today, we provide affordable pool salt at wholesale prices. We offer bulk or bagged salt. We can custom size packaging or crystal to your preference. Rock Salt Today can provide a truckload to an entire shipload. We are here to supply San Antonio, TX with a quality product and are happy to discuss any project you might have! Our lines or email are available for your questions or concerns. Feel free to contact us!

So What Exactly Is Pool Salt?

Pool salt is refined salt and engineered to work in a filtering system designed explicitly for pools. Its purity level affects the health and well-being of saltwater pools. High purity means less damage and good health of swimming pools.

In pool salt, mined salt and evaporated salt is better than the solar salt as solar salt contains more impurities. Other types of salt we can offer for pools are mine, solar, or evaporated salt that is mechanically dried and sieved. Rock Salt Today offers these salts and look forward to bringing our expertise into the San Antonio, TX marketplace!

How To Get Our Swimming Pool Salts In San Antonio, TX?

Most people like to get the bulk amount of salt and store with them to save the shipment cost again and again. But there are a few people as well that are short of storage space and prefer to buy the salts when they need them. To meet the need of our clients in San Antonio, Texas, we provide two delivery options – Immediate delivery and on-demand delivery. You can avail of both opportunities as per your needs. So why wait further? If you want to get our spa salts, you may check the specifications of our pool salts below, or you may speak to us right now. For any salt0related queries such as delivery methods, salt quantity, or price rates, you may ring to us at 978-335-6373, or you may send an email by using our form.


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