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National Swimming Pool Salt Supplier

Rock Salt Today is a leading and national swimming pool salt supplier, dedicated to providing top-notch spa salts for your pool maintenance. With years of experience in the industry, we have been providing reliable service to people who require an abundant supply of pool salt, no matter wherever they are. Our salt keeps the water flowing smoothly.

Our salt keeps the saltwater pools clean. There is no need to handle or store hazardous chemical chlorine. We aim to provide the top-quality salts products in bulk and bagged forms that reach the highest standards for quality assurance.

Top-Quality Pool Salt for the Saltwater Pools

The Saltwater pool is considered the best alternative for a traditional chlorinated pool system. The conventional system is becoming obsolete now due to the strong chlorine smell that usually comes from the surface of the pool where the swimmers take their breath. The chlorine present in the traditional pool water causes redness and itchiness on the skin and eyes. If you are using the modern saltwater pool system, it is the best time to use our salt. The reason is our spa salts are not only pure but are very powerful in making the pool water soft and gentle on the clothes, skin, and eyes.

We offer Immediate and On-Demand Pool Salt Delivery!

To be your reliable salt provider, Rock Salt Today provides immediate and on-demand spa salt delivery throughout the cities of Texas and Florida. We always try to make sure that you are never out of the salt products that you need. We provide full vessel loads through ship, truck, or barge to deliver our salts. You can get our salt when you need them, or you can store the bulk quantity of salt with you if you have more storage space. To get answers to your questions or to discuss your spa salts needs, you may call us at 978-335-6373 or drop an email to us.

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Shipments by Rail, Truck, or Barge
Immediate or On-Demand Salt Delivery Available!