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Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Available For Bristol Delivery!

Get your Quote today! Medium Bagged Salt and Medium Screened Bagging Salt Also Available!

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Bristol’s Top Bulk Rock Salt Supplier!

Immediate or Future Delivery Options Available!



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Bristol’s Best Bulk Rock Salt, De-Icing Salt, and Industrial Salt Supplier!

Winters in Bristol can be cold and harsh, but bad weather doesn’t have to mean lost business for your company or community.

At Rock Salt Today, we deliver high-quality Bulk Rock Salt at unbeatable prices. Whether you are a road crew, city, or rock salt retailer, we provide a variety of delivery options so you can get the salt you need precisely when you need it.

We offer both immediate and delayed delivery, by truck, barge, or rail. Preordered bulk rock salt can be held until February and shipped on an as-needed basis. Contact us to learn more about this program!

Salt Type & Quantity Options

We have several options for your road or sidewalk salt needs, including Medium Screened Bagging Salt and Medium Bagged Salt in Chilean and domestic varieties, in addition to our Bulk Rock Salt offerings. Let us know your needs, and we will recommend the right product and quantity for you.

Full Ship Loads Available for Immediate or Delayed Delivery
Ideal for City Government and Road Crews!

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