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Cincinnati’s Solution for All Bulk Rock Salt Needs!

Winter Road Management is a huge concern for Cincinnati. We make it easy for you to get the road salt you need to keep Cincinnati running smoothly, at the lowest prices available, complete with top notch service!

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Clean Up Cincinnati’s Streets with Top Quality Bulk Rock Salt and De-Icing Salt!

Cincinnati is a beautiful historic city that faces multiple challenges related to transit and the smooth movement of those who live within the city, those who commute there for work, and visitors. Add the stress of winter weather and the inevitable snow storms that accompany it, and you could have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

Cincinnati has dealt with salt shortages in past winters. With the right road salt supplier, these shortages could be avoided! We not only offer the lowest prices on bulk road salt, we also offer multiple delivery options, and a completely managed order process.

Rock Salt Today makes it easy to get the salt that you need right when you need it. We offer delivery by truck, rail, or barge, with immediate and future delivery options available. Whether you need bulk rock salt, de-icing salt, industrial salt, medium bagged salt (both domestic and Chilean varieties available), or medium screened salt for bagging, we always deliver dry salt ready for application.

Call or Contact us to discuss your salt needs. We will provide an immediate quote and all delivery options available.

Salt Storage an Issue?

Not with Rock Salt Today! We have storage options available, and can hold salt until February. Contact us to learn more!

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We are now offering Full Ship Loads, with Immediate Delivery Available!

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