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Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Available For Detroit Michigan Delivery!

Michigan Get your Quote today! Medium Bagged Salt & Medium Screened Bagging Salt Also Available!

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Detroit Michigan’s Best Bulk Rock Salt Supplier!

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Detroit Michigan’s Best Bulk Rock Salt, De-Icing Salt, Road Salt, and Industrial Salt Supplier!

Detroit is no stranger to harsh winter weather. You know that it is coming- are you prepared?

Whether you are a city, community, or business, you have the responsibility to provide safe conditions for your patrons. This means clear roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks. At Rock Salt Today, we provide the bulk rock salt, road salt, and de-icing salt needed to keep your community safe.

We provide a variety of salt products and quantity options to meet Michigan’s bulk salt needs. In addition to our bulk rock salt, we provide both domestic and Chilean varieties of Medium Bagged Salt and Medium Screened Bagging Salt.

Order Your Salt Today!

Don’t get stuck with a salt shortage and unreliable supplier. Pre-purchase your bulk rock salt today and get on-demand delivery by truck, barge, or rail precisely when you need it.

Full Ship Loads Now Available!
Ideal for City Government & Road Crews

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