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Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Available For Dover Delivery!

Get your Quote today! Medium Bagged Salt and Medium Screened Bagging Salt Also Available!

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Dover’s Top Bulk Rock Salt Supplier!

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Dover’s Top Bulk Rock Salt, De-Icing Road Salt, and Industrial Salt Supplier!

Dover winters can be rough. It’s hard to know what exactly winter will bring, and many businesses and cities have found themselves the victim of salt shortages and unreliable suppliers, preventing them from allowing their city to run smoothly during all weather conditions.

Rock Salt Today understands that weather can often hit without any notice. We offer a variety of salt types and delivery options, allowing us to ensure that you have the salt that you need exactly when you need it.

Get an entire barge load of salt delivered at once for on-site storage, or take advantage of our as-needed shipping options. This allows you to preorder your salt at the beginning of the season and be held by us until February. You only take delivery as you need to replenish your local stores, allowing you to maximize your local storage space while still getting the cost benefits of bulk purchasing.

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Not sure what you need? Our consultants can help you determine exactly how much salt you need to order, and what type. With a full range of products available, we can provide bulk rock salt, de-icing salt, road salt, industrial salt, pool salt, screened bagging salt, and pre-bagged salt in domestic and Chilean varieties. Contact us to speak with a helpful, friendly representative!

Delivery by Barge, Truck, or Rail
Immediate or Delayed Delivery Available

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