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Milwaukee’s Complete Rock Salt Supplier!

Need Bulk Rock Salt, Salt for bagging, or prebagged rock salt? We can provide immediate delivery for all your rock salt needs, with unbeatable prices and service!

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Milwaukee’s Most Reliable Bulk Rock Salt Supplier!

Whether planning for the season, or caught in the middle of winter with a low supply, we can meet your bulk rock salt needs quickly and at the best prices around! We are dedicated to providing Milwaukee with a consistent Rock Salt supply any time they may need it, with multiple quantity and delivery options available.

Not only that, we make the entire process simple. We handle all aspects including all paperwork, arranging delivery, and even providing storage if needed. We can deliver via truck, rail, or barge, either immediately, or at a future date so you can plan your salt needs and minimize your storage and warehousing needs.

Our salt options include Bulk Rock Salt, De-Icing Salt, Industrial Salt, Medium Bagged Salt in both Domestic and Chilean Varieties, and Medium Screened Salt for bagging. Whatever your salt needs, we always deliver dry salt, on time, and ready for use.

Contact us now to discuss your rock salt needs! We can reached either by phone or email, and are ready to provide immediate quotes.

Concerned About Salt Storage?

We can help! We are able to store salt until February, so you can take advantage of wholesale prices today without the concerns of costly warehousing fees!

From Truckloads to Entire Ship Loads, We Deliver!
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