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Keeping Rock Salt Flowing To Newark, NJ Is Our Bag! Contact Us Your New Jersey Supplier

Providing fast rock salt quotes in Newark, NJ, along with prompt delivery, will keep you ahead of the weather!

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Our Prices Can’t Be Beat Newark, NJ Near Me!

Both Bulk and Medium Bagged Road Salt Available!



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Newark’s Top Bulk Rock Salt and Industrial Salt Supplier!

We offer the finest quality bulk rock salt and medium bagged salt at the best prices available! We have no problems maintaining your supply all year long, so you are never left with a shortage. We handle all aspects of delivery to your location, regardless of the methods needed to get the salt to you. We make sure that you always have salt when you need it most!

What Do We Have To Offer Newark , NJ?

We only deliver the best quality salt available, and always in top notch condition. Our salt is always dry, and comes with complete paperwork including material information, meaning that you will always have the smoothest transaction and delivery process possible.

In addition to Bulk Rock Salt, Industrial Salt, and Deicing Salt, we also offer medium bagged salt, now available in either Domestic or Chilean varieties. Just contact us at (978)335-6373 or email us at [email protected] for an immediate quote and delivery options.

Now Offering Storage Options!

Not able to store the amount of salt you plan to need for the winter season? No problem! Bulk purchase now to avoid late season scrambling, and we will store your salt for you until February! Don’t Get Locked Out Of Salt This Season!

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Be Prepared for the Season Ahead Newark, NJ Near Me!
Now Accepting Orders for Complete Ship Loads!