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Pennsylvania’s #1 Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Provider!

With the lowest prices available and large selection of salt products, Rock Salt Today is the top choice for corporate and government salt needs. Multiple Delivery Options Available!

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Pittsburgh’s First Choice For Bulk Rock Salt!

Pittsburgh is no stranger to winter weather, and that is why they demand the best defense possible! At Rock Salt Today, we offer the lowest prices in the market on all of our rock salt products, from industrial salt to bulk road salt, even medium bagged salt and medium screened bagging salt.

When you order from us, we will handle everything. From managing all paperwork including material information, arranging shipping by delivery by rail, truck, or barge, to delivering your product exactly when you need it, we make sure that you are never without the salt you need to keep Pittsburgh running smoothly.

All of our salt products are delivered dry and ready for application. Call or contact us now for an immediate quote and to discuss all of our delivery options!

Now Offering Salt Storage!

Worried about storing the salt you need to get you through winter? We can help! We now offer salt storage through February. Contact us for details!

Full Shiploads Available for Immediate Delivery!
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