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Rock Salt Supplier Jeffersonville IN. The Only Rock Salt Company Indiana Needs!

With as you need it delivery and the lowest possible prices, Rock Salt Today is reliable and dependable. We make sure that you have the salt you need exactly when you need it!

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Immediate or Delayed Delivery Available Jeffersonville, IN!

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Indiana’s Top Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Provider!

Worried about what this winter will bring? In previous years, salt shortages have been a major concern for many cities and businesses. Jeffersonville is not immune to these problems, but they can help prevent them by choosing the right rock salt supplier!

Enjoy Hassle Free Salt Ordering And Delivery Solutions From Rock Salt Today

With Rock Salt Today, you can be confident that you will get the bulk rock salt that you need right when you need it! We manage the entire delivery process, including all paperwork, and schedule shipping by truck, train, or barge. We believe that getting the salt that you need should be easy!

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Need something other than road salt? No problem! We carry a variety of salt products, such as industiral salt, de-icing salt, medium screened bagging salt, and both Chilean and Domestic medium bagged salt. Just contact us for an immediate quote and delivery options for all of your salt product needs!

Storage Woes Stressing You Out?

Rock Salt Today now offers Salt Storage through February! Contact us to learn more about this option!

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By Land or By Sea, We Deliver the Salt You Need Jeffersonville, IN!
Full Ship Loads Now Available for Immediate Delivery!