Rock Salt Today- Now Supplies NSF Certified Bagged Salts!

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Rock Salt Today announced today that it will now start providing a NFS Certified bagged product salt line. We are pleased to announce that Rock Salt Today is taking a giant leap forward and introducing our NSF Certified Colored Salts on August 17, 2016.

What are the Benefits?
Colorants assist in the spread rate allowing even coverage thus saving on excessive use from salt spreading machines, allowing you to allocate separate colors for your unique blends.

With a new year and a new product, Rock Salt Today will also be making some changes. The production has been revamped to make sure our product replies to all of our clients’ needs. With the shift Rock Salt Today is happy to open high quality bagged salt,with customized sieve specifications and colorants.

Rock Salt Today has various locations nationwide, as well as overseas.

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