Need Bulk Rock Salt In Washington, DC?

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Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Available For Washington Delivery!

Get your Quote today! Medium Bagged Salt and Medium Screened Bagging Salt Also Available!

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DC’s Best Bulk Rock Salt Supplier!

Immediate or Future Delivery Options Available!



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Washington, DC’s Best Bulk Rock Salt, De-Icing Salt, & Industrial Salt Supplier!

It is imperative that our Capital City maintains a safe environment for the millions of people who live, work, and visit the city during the winter season. Rock Salt Today makes it easy for businesses, organizations, and road crews to provide ice-free roads, sidewalks, and parking lots to help keep DC safe.

We provide the salt that you need exactly when you need it. There isn’t a whole lot of storage space in and around DC, making it challenging to store an entire seasons worth of salt. With Rock Salt Today, we store your pre-purchased salt for you, only delivering when you need it. This on-demand delivery allows us to offer the cost-saving benefits of bulk salt purchasing, even if you don’t have storage available.

Wide-Range of Salt Products

Not only do we provide deicing salt, road salt, and bulk rock salt, we also provide bagged or bagging salt for retail sale in both domestic and Chilean varieties, as well as industrial salt and pool salt. We deliver the salt you need, right when you need it!

Full Ship Loads or On-Demand Delivery Available
Ideal for City Government and Road Crews!

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