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Water Softener Salt Now Available

Leading water  softener salt distributors, Rock Salt Today, is excited to announce the latest additions to our product lineup! We now provide Salt Chlorine Systems, Water Treatment Salts, Water Softener Salts, Water Conditioning Salts, Water Softener Pellets, and Swimming Pool Salts! These new products are available in various packaging options for retail, industrial, and commercial applications.

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Water  Softener Salt Now Available!



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What is Water Softener?

Water softener is the complete process of making water acceptable for a particular application, such as drinking, industrial applications, medicine, or to return it to its natural state. This means that water treatment is done both before and after the water is used for it’s intended purpose, and they way it is treated is determined by the intended use.

Swimming Pool Salt Sanitation Systems

Swimming pool salt sanitation systems have revolutionized the way pools are kept clean and hygienic. Salt water pool systems are not chlorine-free. They simply change the way the chlorine is introduced into the water. Instead of using the traditional liquid chlorine, the salt chlorine generator system that must be used with salt water pools electrolyzes the salt, creating chlorine from the Chloride portion of the salt. While this chlorine will serve the same purpose of traditional liquid chlorine, it also destroys the chloramines, which is the component of chlorine that causes red eyes and that chlorine odor.

Water Conditioning Salt for Industrial Applications

Many industrial type businesses benefit from water conditioning and water treatment. Water is often used for cooling large machines, or in other large-scale processes. Many facilities use reclaimed water from streams, rivers, and aquifers that has not been treated by a water treatment facility. If the water is not treated prior to use in the facility, the business is susceptible to the same risks as a homeowner, but on a much larger scale. Because of the buildup that hard water creates on pipes, the cost of repair for industrial facilities could be astronomical. By using appropriate water softening agents, such as water softening salts or water softener pellets, they can reduce the likelihood of repairs and greatly extend the life of their plumbing and other components that move the water throughout their facility.

What is Water Treatment Salt and Who Needs It?

Water treatment salt, also called Water Softener Salt or Water Conditioning Salt, is used to remove metal deposits, such as calcium and magnesium, from water in order to extend the life of plumbing and to make it more compatible for use with soaps. Hard water, or water containing these excess metals, contributes to the buildup of limescale in your pipes, and is one of the main contributors to soap scum.

Typically, water treatment is done at a water treatment facility before it is routed to your home. However, many homeowners use water softeners in their homes to treat hard water if their water supply is not already treated, or needs additional treatment.

How To Tell if You Have Hard Water

The easiest way to determine if you have hard water is to take a look at your dishes. Hard water is what causes fogginess and spotting on glasses, due to the abrasiveness of the metals within the hard water. It may also cause itchy, dry skin, and can prematurely fade your clothes. If you are noticing any of these signs, then you most likely have hard water that could benefit from water softening treatment. If left untreated, these problems can compound over time, leading to expensive plumbing repairs.

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Rock Salt Today offers all of these products in addition to their bulk rock salt, de-icing salt, and bagged salt. With multiple delivery options and complete handling of the order process, including all paperwork, they can delivery the salt product that you need at any time. Please see below for salt specifications, or call us at 978-335-6373 to discuss your needs, get answers to any questions you may have, or to place an order.

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