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Wholesale Bulk Rock Salt Pricing!

We here at Rock Salt Today understand the fluctuations of the road salt market conditions. Therefore, as rock salt wholesalers, we strive to remain as competitive as the market supports.

So how do we accomplish this?

1: We purchase rock salt in bulk so as to maintain wholesale pricing.
2: We position our road salt stockpiles as near our customer base as possible
3: We work with trucking companies that offer competitive rates.

Following this model has allowed us to pass on wholesale savings to our valued clients so they, in turn, can remain competitive in their business universe. The process is simple. We will handle all paperwork necessary including shipping by truck, rail or barge.

Our goal is to provide you with an unlimited source of wholesale rock salt. We would love to be your Bulk Rock Salt Supplier! Feel free to contact us to compare pricing and delivery options and to learn why Rock Salt Today is the best choice for you!

Issues With Rock Salt Storage?

We can assist you! We will hold Bulk Salt Deliveries until February depending on salt availability, We are ready for immediate delivery on orders of all sizes..

Need an Entire Shipload?
Order Today! We are ready for immediate delivery on orders of all sizes!

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